12 High-Profile Billionaires and Millionaires Who Aren’t Leaving Their Fortunes to Their Children

Some prominent business magnates, very rich people and famous people accept that they’ve buckled down to just hand their fortunes over to their children when they pass on.

Also, with legacy charge in the U.K. set at 40 percent on all qualities over £325,000 ($425,000), it’s unmistakable why numerous individuals from the super-rich tip top would preferably their cash went towards increasingly beneficial aims.

Business Insider has ordered a rundown of 12 prominent tycoons and very rich people – some of whom are the world’s greatest business magnates – who won’t sign over their fortunes to their children in their will.

Regardless of whether the cash’s going to admirable motivation or they’re essentially anticipating spending each and every penny themselves, look on to find 12 prominent extremely rich people and tycoons who aren’t leaving a penny to their kids – positioned in rising request by their total assets.